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DeWalt and Soy Checkoff Develop a New Use for Soybeans – Bar and Chain Oil

The next time you need to pull out the chainsaw, there’s a new soy-based bar and chain oil option from DeWalt that can help keep it in good working order. Developed through a partnership between DeWalt, Dynamic Green Products, and investment from a soy checkoff initiative, the biodegradable bar and chain oil is already available at Home Depot stores nationwide, as well as online through multiple retailers, including Mac Tools, Grainger, and Amazon.

As most probably know, bar and chain oil is a must-have for most chainsaws. Unfortunately, standard bar and oil is what’s known as a “total loss lubricant,” meaning non-biodegradable oil ends up on the ground as a contaminant. It’s estimated that some 18 million gallons of petroleum-based bar and chain oil ends up in the Earth’s soil every year.

DeWalt’s new soy-based bar and chain oil, by contrast, is fully biodegradable, non-toxic, and is higher performing than most petroleum-based chain oils, according to Scott Porter, CEO of Dynamic Green Products (DGP). It’s also compatible with all gas and battery-operated saws and even suitable for use around waterways and other environmentally sensitive areas.

DeWalt also claims it’s a commercial-quality lubricant. It has a flash point above 500° F and a -15° F pour point, which means you can expect temperature stability, even in extreme conditions. Additionally, it’s high tack so you don’t have to worry about oil sling at high speeds.

I’ve actually seen a lot of articles on the internet (of course!) that claim you can use plain old vegetable oil as a replacement for bar and chain. However, from what I understand, it doesn’t provide adequate lubrication or heat protection and in most instances means you’ll need a new bar and chain within a matter of months rather than years.  

The soy checkoff initiative in partnership with DGP is part of a strategic collaboration with the Airable Research Lab, a division of the Ohio Soybean Council dedicated to bringing sustainable soy solutions to the market in 2024. “It’s exciting to see the checkoff investment in this bar and chain oil pay dividends as it becomes widely available to more farmers as well as the professionals who care for parks, forests, and more,” said Steve Reinhard, United Soybean Board chair and a soybean farmer from Ohio. “This oil is yet another example of U.S. soy delivering performance and sustainability benefits.”

DGP’s Porter estimates the new product will use more than 1 million gallons of soybean oil over the next few years, and millions more in the future as the company’s entire soy line comes online. You can learn more about DGP HERE.  

“It’s really pretty simple: if you grow it, you should use it,” said fifth-generation farmer Bret Davis, who grows soybeans, corn and wheat in Delaware County, Ohio, adding that he is proud to be an early adopter of the product. The new lubricant also made a fan out of Buckin’ Billy Ray Smith, famous for his adventures on the History Channel’s “Ax Men” series. Smith, who claims he has tested almost every bar and chain oil on the market, said, “Now it’s the only thing I use, including in my vintage saws.” Learn more a DeWalt. (Sources: DeWalt, United Soybean Board)

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