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NEW Tool “Yield Optimizer”… Taking the Guesswork Out of Seed Selection

One of the most important decisions a producer makes every year is what seed to put in the ground. While good quality seeds play a critical role in the success of any crop, not every good seed is ideal for every farm. A new tool from AcreShield aims to take the guesswork out of this crucial decision-making process. Called “Yield Optimizer,” the seed selector program ranks hybrid varieties by yield, specific to a farmer’s location, and backed by an industry-first warranty program.

Yield Optimizer’s data represents field-level performance for more than 700 seed varieties, according to AcreShield CEO Billy Rose. “Yield Optimizer aggregates comprehensive data from respected, independent seed trial plots along with our proprietary seed trial data,” explains Rose. “These unique insights provide farmers with unbiased, verified hybrid yield data to help them make the best seed selection for their operation. We back this with a yield performance guarantee that allows the farmer flexibility to choose any seed they want.”

Rose’s main goal with Yield Optimizer is to reduce the so-called “yield gap.” Profitability generally depends on getting crop yields close to 100% or more compared to historical yields. While crop insurance covers up to 85% of a farmer’s historical yield, profits are at risk when yields fall between 85% and 100%. This 15% shortfall is the Yield Gap. “Yield Gap is a universal problem to all row crop farmers,” Rose says, and it “often determines if a farmer will make or lose money.”

Yield Optimizer, with the associated Yield Gap protections, is available in a three-tiered offering with introductory pricing at $5.00, $8.00, or $15.00 per acre. The respective Yield Gap protection payments for these prices are up to $25, $56, or $105 per acre. Farmers can sign up during the early sign-up period with introductory pricing valid until March 15. Sign-up will continue at standard prices after this date. Learn more about Yield Optimizer and Yield Gap protections HERE.

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