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Very Interesting Insight… Battling Food Propaganda

This was sent my way the other day and I thought I would share. I did some digging and found it was written by Amanda Radke over at BEEF Daily the full article is titled “Hormones by the numbers: Stats to share with consumers”. I encourage you to read the full blog post. Below is a brief excerpt along with some interesting graphics.
We’ve all heard this false statement repeatedly shared by the biased media and ill-informed healthcare professionals — beef is full of hormones, especially from implanted steers.

This myth has been perpetuated so much that mothers are scared to feed their daughters red meat for fear that it will trigger early-onset puberty (a growing trend in today’s society).

Yet, if a consumer is worried about hormones, beef is not to blame.

What are the real numbers? And which foods carry large amounts of estrogen per serving? I’ll give you a guess: it’s not meat, eggs and dairy; it’s the plant-based foods.

Best Food Facts breaks it down for us with the infographic below. According to the chart, beef from an implanted steer contains 3 nanograms (ng) of estrogen while a non-implanted steer has 2 ng of estrogen. This may seem like a huge jump if presented by itself, but once you compare to other foods, all beef looks harmless.

I also received this the other day from a different source. All of the food propaganda is crazy these days! It’s so hard for the public to know what to believe.
Let’s set the story straight with hormones in beef.1. Hormones are naturally occurring in ALL living things, even plants.
2. There’s 51,483,600ng of estrogen in 8oz of tofu (soy) and 3ng of naturally-occurring estrogen in 8oz of beef. 🤯
3. One birth control pill contains 35,000 ngs of estrogen
4. An adult female would have to eat 95.3 steers’ worth of beef per day (483 pounds each) to match her own daily production of estrogen.
5. Let’s stop with the “meat and milk are full of hormones” propaganda and accept that they are SAFE AND NUTRITIOUS.

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