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Peach Prices Might be Surprisingly High the Next Several Months

Hot temperatures and extremes in weather have hit the state of Georgia hard this year, as producers say they have lost 90% of the state’s peaches. According to the University of Georgia, the state normally produces more than 130 million pounds of peaches annually. This season they lost more than 90% of their crop after abnormally warm weather in the winter and a late-season freeze. 

At the same time, total U.S. production is expected to drop even further as weather extremes in the other top-producing states like California and South Carolina are also creating some areas where the crop is negatively impacted. Although South Carolina will have a greater volume of peaches compared to Georgia, a significant portion may not be packed. South Carolina’s peach harvest is expected to conclude by early August, particularly in terms of fruit packing.

There is already a noticeable scarcity of fresh peaches in retail stores. These shortages, accompanied by price increases, are expected to persist throughout the summer. Furthermore, consumers should anticipate elevated prices for canned and processed peaches during the winter holiday season. Prices climbed up to $31.52 per package in week 24, a +56% increase compared to the previous year.

Georgia peach prices have zoomed, to +$40 for a box wholesale, from the usual $17-$20. Some buyers said boxes have climbed up to +$60 a box wholesale. Recently, the Peach Cobbler Factory in Atlanta ran out of peaches and was forced to pivot to… apple cobbler.

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