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New Autonomous Tractors Coming to U.S. Market

AMOS, the acronym for Autonomous, Modular, Omni-Scalable, is a fully-electric autonomous tractor design recently unveiled by Amos Power. The tractor model started as a design-build project with the engineering and prototyping teams at One3 Design and Redshield Electronics with the aim of fitting tractor-quality power and capabilities onto a relatively small tractor frame. The results, the AMOS A3 and A4, can be customized to fit the landscape of any field and meet any operation’s needs, including row crop applications.

Unfortunately for those hankering to get their hands on a fully-autonomous tractor, the AMOS units aren’t yet ready for their commercial debut. According to Amos Power Founder and CEO, Tom Boe, the design is still in the development phase but they expect to begin testing feasibility B prototypes with the goal to start a durability build in late 2022. The tractors are expected to be available starting in the U.S. by early-2025 with a target price of around $185,000. Boe notes that they have not fully developed pricing for options “as we are still determining the potential configuration we will provide.”

Boe also stresses that the tractors are being built very modular. Each of the major components such as the batteries, coolant package, and track assembly can each be removed independently of each other. Boe says the design is meant to make service faster without the need to remove multiple components at once.

Both the AMOS A3 and A4 units will offer 4–8-hour runtimes with a recharge time of two hours or less. The vehicles, with 75-85 horsepower, are fully autonomous, including trailer auto-load, field mapping, and implement engagement. Advanced machine learning algorithms and state-of-the-art stereo cameras, enable Amos to see, interpret, and react to what is happening around the vehicle, including detecting obstacles.

According to Boe, the company also plans for operators to utilize existing implements and most brands should work seamlessly with AMOS. “Our team is evaluating the actual horsepower requirements for many implements. Many manufacturers have specified horsepower requirements utilizing vehicle size versus a true torque necessary to operate their equipment.” AMOS will also have a CAT II hitch on the larger A4 platform with a lift capacity of just over 2,200 pounds (1,000 kgs).

The A3 model is capable of autonomously inter-seeding cover crop, mowing, spraying, and tilling vineyards. The A4 model is larger, with tracks that can be configured to width settings between 54” and 120”. A4 has a width substantially wider than the A3 model with a track width of 42”, which the company says makes the A4 model ideal for row crop applications. Learn more at the Amos Power website HERE. (Sources: FutureFarming, One3Design)

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