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Bringing the Power of Designer Proteins to Mass Market Foods

Want to make a real difference in health and sustainability? Remove sugar from the equation. In fact, just a -1% decrease in worldwide sugar production would save +2.5 trillion liters of water, +6.5 million acres of arable land, and reduce healthcare spending on diet-related conditions by +$10 billion. But how? By replacing it with a sustainable, healthier option. 

You are invited to attend a webinar we are co-hosting to learn how a new company called “Amai Proteins” is looking to change the game with its new “sweet proteins”. In the depth of the jungle, there are sweet proteins that are thousands of times sweeter than sugar. Until now, we have not enjoyed them since these hypersweet proteins don’t exhibit a sugar-like sensory profile and cannot be grown and manufactured cost-effectively for food industry use.

Amai is using its industry-leading Agile-Integrative Computational Protein Design (AI-CPD) to make novel sweet proteins that are similar to proteins that are part of life in harsh environments thus fit for the needs of the mass food market such as high-temperature stability, long shelf life, and above all, a great taste. The company then uses sustainable Precision Fermentation for industrial scale manufacturing using breweries. The result is healthy, great-tasting, affordable, and sustainable 100% proteins with up to 80% less sugar that meet the demanding requirements of the food industry. It has the same great sensory experience as sugar, and it is low cost making it an affordable alternative for the food industry. Their first application, the Designer Sweet Protein will be followed by meat, dairy, and plant-based proteins. Keep in mind, this new technology will help food manufacturers reduce sugar by 40-70%, with minimal environmental impact and exponential taste. It has the same sensory experience as sugar, is quickly digested in the body like protein with no adverse interaction. It is also low cost, making it accessible for all. With its pro-protein platform, the company creates new breakthroughs which are set to shape the future of proteins.

Learn how Amai Proteins might change the game. Simply jump on our webinar titled, “Bringing the Power of Designer Proteins to Mass Market Foods,” hosted today April 7 at 4:00 pm ET with Dr. Ilan Samish, founder and CEO of Amai Proteins. Click HERE to Register

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