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Food and energy production have benefited greatly from widespread applications of conventional fertilizers. However, as demand for agriculture output accelerates so too does our understanding of inefficiency in the delivery of crop nutrition in production systems and related environmental impacts. It’s worth mentioning, data is showing that inefficient fertilizer use is responsible for billions of dollars in annual economic agricultural losses ranging from loss in arable land, water consumption, and eutrophication. 

Aqua-Yield, an agricultural biotechnology company, has patented nano-based technology which acts as a catalyst to traditional liquid agricultural fertilizers and crop protection products, meaning they increase the plant’s absorption of nutrients as well as the efficacy of crop protectants. From what I understand, studies reveal that the overall efficiency of applied fertilizer is lower than 50% for nitrogen, less than 10% for phosphorus, and about 40% for potassium. Results are now showing that acres applied with Aqua-Yield’s nano-technology will use up to 80% less fertilizer and 20-25% less crop protection, allowing farmers to meet the two key goals of promoting environmental stewardship and saving on input costs.

Capturing molecules in liquid solutions and delivering them by creating nanocavities in the leaf surface to allow products to readily enter the plant, NanoPro® can be added to any spray mixture to enhance plant uptake of specialty and generic herbicide, fungicide, and pesticide products. Aqua-Yield is gaining traction across the globe with their crop protection, macro and micronutrients and currently have customers in the US, Japan, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Norway, and Australia. Learn more how Aqua-Yield is using NanoShield® Technology to help farmers maximize their crop input efficiencies and sustainably grow their profits at “More Yield, Less Fertilizer,” a webinar to be held on October 1 at 3pm CDT featuring Clark Bell, CEO and co-founder of Aqua-Yield. REGISTER HERE to Learn More.

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