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The Media Continues to Drive the Message, Pushing Words that Will Change the Way We Farm! Pay Close Attention… “Socially Sustainable”, “Climate Change”, “Clean Energy”, “Transparency”

People’s desire to know how and where their food is grown as well wanting more transparency across the entire process is a growing trend that is changing how we farm and attracting some of the most innovative minds to our industry to tackle this task. Most agree the current manner in which food is both produced and moved across the globe to its final destination isn’t “sustainable” as the amounts, types, and locations will not completely meet the needs of the growing population.

Both the Eden Green and Artemis companies are applying their technology to support this change. Eden Green has built out its hydroponic and vertical farming system and Artemis is developing software for its market-leading enterprise Cultivation Management Platform to help growers optimize their facilities while offering the enhanced visibility and traceability consumers are looking for.

Eden Green’s vertical greenhouse technology gives retailers, governments, nonprofits, and regions the opportunity to feed people healthier, safer, and with locally-grown food in a climate-proof design that can be installed in cities around the world. They are reporting that within the micro-climate, growers can produce up to 50 varieties of hydroponic produce using 99% less land and 98% less water, while also cutting energy consumption in the process. From what I understand, every 1.5-acre greenhouse would create up to 30 full-time year-round jobs in urban agriculture, food safety, and modern horticulture, and harvest 11-13 more times a year than traditional seasonal farms.
Artemis’ team has built an incredible solution that’s already captured the attention of some of the largest farming enterprises. Since launching in 2015, Artemis, formerly known as Agrilyst, has seen strong customer growth with companies worth a collective $5 billion using the platform daily. Their proprietary CMP enables owners and managers of large-scale horticulture facilities to reduce risk, scale operations, ensure compliance, manage workers, and achieve greater efficiency and profitability across the entire supply chain, from cultivation to sales. With the belief that no one should ever get sick from consuming plants, farmers should make a good living, farmworkers should be treated with respect, and profitability is the key to scaling our agriculture system, Artemis will let data inform their daily decisions to help shape the future of ag. 

You can learn more at “Inside the Tech-Driven Ag Supply Chain of the Future,” a roundtable discussion with Aaron Fields, Director of Horticulture for Eden Green Technology and Allison Kopf, CEO of Artemis on September 24th at 3pm CDT. Register HERE

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