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Amazing Story of Strength and the Will to Fight for Life

Writing this report and sharing my thoughts has allowed my wife and I to meet some amazing families across our great nation. This past year has perhaps been the toughest we remember. We have sent many plants, trees, cards of sorrow and prayers to many families. We’ve truly become friends with many of our readers. Unfortunately, with the good news and photo’s of families having fun and kids achieving new highs, we also get the calls of great sorrow. A few families have lost children this past year in tragic accidents, a few kids have lost both parents, and some families have had to battle like they have never had to battle. It’s humbling for Michelle and I and really keeps our life in perspective. One farming family that I have come to know fairly well thorough the years is the Ogle family. I am proud to call Justin one of my friends. His  family had a tough battle this past year. In fact, it was his families battle that inspired my wife Michelle to start volunteering on a regular basis with Children’s Mercy Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House. She is now a regular on the staff and comes home sharing some very heartfelt stories. Back to Justin and his family… I was super excited when I received an e-mail they other day that his son Brooks was celebrating his first birthday! Justin’s wife put together an awesome video of their first year and I wanted to share this amazing fight for life!!! This is how you battle… Congrats to the Ogle family, great job, way to stay positive.  Click below to watch this amazing video.

After I shared a couple of personal thoughts, I received a second e-mail from Justin. I wanted to share his comments, I felt they were very inspiring:  

Thank you my friend. I appreciate that. 

My son Brook’s condition is more common than most realize and many struggle and stress to find the right place to go. My wife did an amazing job of research and found the best home for his procedure. Boston Children’s Hospital is pretty amazing and they are creating history with these procedures.

I’ve recently learned the following:

If one has cancers I believe you go to Mayo Clinic Rochester MN.
If one has a child with a special issue just go to Boston Children’s Hospital.
And If one is upright with a roof over head, food on the table, and dry feet, we are so very blessed!

Thanks again, 

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