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Mystery Seeds From China are Likely Part of a Marketing Scam

Ag officials in states across the country have issued warnings about bizarre packages of seeds that appear to be from China. They've apparently just been showing up in people's mailboxes unsolicited by the receivers. Officials are warning residents not to plant any of the seeds as they could be invasive or harmful plants. So far, ag departments in Washington State, ...
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Building Rural Resilience and Mental Health

The U.S. House recently passed a piece of legislation designed to tackle the growing rate of suicide in rural communities across the country. The Seeding Rural Resilience Act is supported by a bipartisan group of lawmakers who say the goal is to promote mental wellness and mental health awareness in rural America. American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall recently endorsed ...
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Agricultural Commodity Demand Growth Projected to Remain Flat

The global COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the outlook for agriculture in 2020 and beyond, a finding that comes as no surprise in a new joint report issued by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). The "Agricultural Outlook 2020-2029" projects that over the next ten years, supply growth will ...
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It’s Happening… “Greenery” Offers Producers a Turnkey Container Farm

More and more people are starting to find ways to grow their own food. From restaurant owners to local communities, I'm hearing and seeing more people take a genuine interest in growing plants, food, etc... Perhaps it the advancement of technology or the grassroots effort to "go green" Step inside Freight Farm's "Greenery", the version 2.0 container farm, and you'll ...
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New Soybean Futures Contract?

Financially settled Brazilian Soybean futures could soon have a more precise tool to manage exposure to the Brazilian market. I'm told Chicago-based CME Group Inc. plans to start a Brazilian soybean futures contract with the country’s B3 exchange, and it is hoped to help hedge as the global flow of beans continues to shift and evolve. I should mention, this ...
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Pandemic, Floods, Drought, Locusts…And Patience

CORN bears are pointing to prices pulling back -30 cents in just the past couple of weeks despite bullish buying from the Chinese. There seems to be more and more talk inside the trade of the U.S. average yield working itself higher and perhaps pushing to a new record north of +180 bushels per acre. I've been on the opposite ...
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Digital Steaks Could Soon Disrupt the Meat Market

Growing demand in the alternative meat sector is gaining traction and expected to surpass the $140 billion mark within the next 10-years. Even with all the new alternative meat products hitting the market, the food industry currently relies on analog technologies to develop and produce them. This is why Israeli startup "Redefine Meat" is on a mission to introduce a ...
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NOAA Says Watch for La Niña Weather Pattern

Meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have issued a La Niña watch, which could have significant impacts on weather across the globe this fall. The La Niña weather pattern, as well as its counterpart El Niño, are the "cold" (La Niña) and "warm" (El Niño) phases of one of the most significant climate phenomenon on the planet, the ...
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A Little Ice Cream History

July is National Ice Cream Month and this year National Ice Cream Day falls on this Sunday the 19th. Keep in mind, this is not just another made-up day used as an excuse to treat yourself to one of America's all-time favorite desserts. President Reagan actually made this an officially recognized day back in 1984 when he declared the third ...
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Rural America’s Resilience Amid Coronavirus

Rural America has been impacted at every level over the past four months amid the coronavirus pandemic that, unfortunately, maybe far from over. The latest update from CoBank's Knowledge Exchange indicates that the initial surge in economic activity experienced as cities and states came out of lockdown in May and early-June might have plateaued. Still, CoBank believes rural industries have ...
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