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New Survey Indicates Organic Cropland Commands Higher Rents

New Survey Indicates Organic Cropland Commands Higher Rents Our friends over at Mercaris have put together an awesome new report. One of the highlights shows cropland that has made the transition to USDA certified organic commands rental premiums as much as +25% higher than conventional acres. The data comes from the first whitepaper issued in its Mercoterra project, which investigates ...
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North America’s Largest Greenhouse?

North America's Largest Greenhouse? An ambitious partnership between the state of Kentucky, the Dutch government, and startup AppHarvest aims to grow an agricultural technology hub in the heart of Appalachia. Several universities and private companies have also signed on to the project that envisions a long-term partnership that will add jobs and create a new signature industry for a region ...
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Three Farm Daughters LLP Bring GoodWheat Technology to Market

Three Farm Daughters LLP Bring GoodWheat Technology to Market Americans get an average of one-quarter or 500 of their calories per day from wheat, and according to the United Nations, bread wheat accounts for +20% of the human diet globally. Startup company "Three Farm Daughters" wants to make sure those calories are as healthy as possible. Working with Arcadia Biosciences, a ...
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How Our Biggest Soybean Competitor Moves Their Product

How Our Biggest Soybean Competitor Moves Their Product USDA's Agricultural Marketing Services recently released an interesting report called The Soybean Transportation Guide, which provides a visual snapshot of Brazilian soybean transportation in 2019. As one of our most important competitors in the global oilseed market, Brazil's continued improvement to transportation infrastructure is continuing to reduce its costs of getting supply ...
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Breakfast Moves Back Home, Consumer Shifts Impacting Agriculture

Breakfast Moves Back Home, Consumer Shifts Impacting Agriculture Food trends that were predicted at the outset of this year have almost all been upended by the pandemic, especially as they relate to where people are consuming food. You may recall the pre-corona talk about the so-called "breakfast wars" between the big restaurant chains. The battle to gain a slice of ...
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Ohio Farm Girl is “Tough as Nails” on New Reality Show

Ohio Farm Girl is "Tough as Nails" on New Reality Show CBS has a new show called "Tough as Nails" that might be the only real "reality" show on television. It's described as a competition series that celebrates everyday Americans who roll up their sleeves and don't think twice about working long hard hours. Contestants have to complete challenges taken ...
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Investors Place $10 Million Bet You’ll Eat Wood

Investors Place $10 Million Bet You'll Eat Wood North Carolina based ag-biotech company Arbiom, using a patented enzyme-based process and fermentation, is turning wood into edible ingredients for both animal and human consumption with a plan they say could eventually give soy, pea, and wheat proteins a run for their money. Their first commercialized product "SylPro" is a single-cell protein ...
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What’s Happening with Natural Gas?

What's Happening with Natural Gas?Natural Gas prices fell to a 31-year low back in June. Now prices have surged breaking out of a narrow trading range with traders pointing to the largest single-day increase in more than 18-months. From my perspective, all of a sudden we have a hotter forecast for the back end of summer and at the same ...
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Soybean Checkoff Research Website Designed with Farmers in Mind

The United Soybean Board recently revealed a new project that aims to make check-off funded research more readily available to farmers. With the help of the North Central Soybean Research Program, they've redesigned the Soybean Research & Information Network  (SRIN) website, which they describe as a one-stop-shop for all the information the checkoff has discovered through farmer investments across all Qualified State ...
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Getting a Fairly Accurate Estimate of Corn Yield Prior to Harvest

I've heard a lot of talk this year that looking at corn from the cab of the truck is lot different than what is being seen out in many fields. With such variability, it will be interesting to see how close early yield estimates come to matching what is actually harvested from the field. Of course, some are saying the ...
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