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How Healthcare is Changing… Worth the Quick Read

This was sent my direction yesterday and certainly makes you stop and think about how many dominoes in the healthcare space are tied to the virus... It was penned by Joshua Budhu one of the chief neurology residents at both Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School. MRI images pop up on my computer screen ...
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Stocks We Currently Like During COVID-19

COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has brought immense amounts of fear into the market as the major indexes and many stocks have dropped more than 30% in the last few weeks. I still remain extremely cautious in these markets, but below are a few groups and stocks that our family has been buying. Please remember, this is NOT a recommendation for anyone ...
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Will Falling Emissions During Covid-19 Add to Farming Hurdles Ahead

Studies conducted by Severe Weather Europe have shown that the world typically sees an increase in CO2 emissions in the colder months in the Northern Hemisphere. However, this year has been different. In fact, there have only been two years since 1975 when CO2 rose less since the first of the year. If you have not seen the NASA satellite ...
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Thinking More About “National Ag Day”!

Today we celebrate "National Ag Day"... I thought it was very fitting considering our current predicament and battle against coronavirus. It was back in 1973 when the Agriculture Council of American (ACA) created this day to increase the public's awareness of the vital role of the farmer. It's amazing when we look back at just how far we have come ...
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Could We Soon See Sub-$1 Gasoline?

Unfortunately, I locked most of my fuel needs in a couple of weeks before prices really tumbled back in late-Feb. I thought I was really doing something when I made the move but little did I know the world was about to be turned upside down. Prices for gasoline in the wholesale and futures markets dropped on Monday as more states ...
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There’s Talk of Crude Oil at $0

Falling into the I thought I would never hear or see category, there's more talk and reports of crude oil perhaps falling to $0 or even lower. I know this sounds nuts, but there are trader and analyst now out there debating if crude oil prices could actually go negative as demand plummets and oil stockpiles surge. Some traders have ...
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Managing Stress is Critical for Making Good Decisions

Most of us are currently under enormous pressure with stress hitting particularly hard on two fronts - the health of ourselves and loved ones, and our financial situations. Stress and anxiety are understandably off the charts but it's more important now than ever that we manage them in order to avoid making BIG mistakes we'll regret further down the road.  ...
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Worries About the Economy, A Few Bright Spots of Opportunity, and Conversation with Legendary Grain Trader Tommy “Carp” Rinaudo

Kevin Van Trump and Andy Daniels have legendary grain trader, Tommy “Carp” Rinaudo, as a guest on the show to talk about worries about the economy, a few bright spots of opportunity, COVID-19 updates, and commodity strategies as we move forward ...
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As I mentioned earlier this week, I was keeping a close eye on the virus and its spread. I was involved in a few conversations last week with large equity fund managers that were really focused on Argentina and Brazil and maneuvering positions. There was worry that as South American weather shifts towards cooler conditions and large masses have been ...
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This is Where We Show the World the Importance of U.S. Agriculture!

KVT's Rant… I understand there are a ton of complicated moving parts and pieces that most inside the trade want to argue about. I've been told one of my main strengths as a thinker and an investor is taking the complicated, dumbing it down and making it simple. Bottom-line, I'm starting to think coronavirus could run like wild-fire across South ...
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