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The 10 Biggest Landowners in America

While corporations can always offer more stock and government can always issue more bonds, there is one asset that has had a pretty fixed supply on earth for the last several million years: Land. And some Americans own a lot of it. The Land Report publishes an annual ranking of the biggest private landowners in the U.S. as measured by ...
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Explosion in Backyard Chicken Farming Raising Disease Alarms

As the coronavirus has spread across the country, weak links in the food supply chain that have created temporary shortages have led to real worries about food insecurity. Google searches for things like gardening and food preservation have exploded, much to the delight of many health advocates. However, the recent surge in backyard chicken farming has experts worried about the ...
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Weather, China, and Washington Remain Primary Focus for Ag

CORN bulls are hoping to find improved demand and a few weather hiccups in the forecast ahead. The USDA reported another week of strong export inspections which should keep us on track to beat the current USDA estimate. Ethanol should probably see another uptick this week as the economy fires back up. There's been more debate and speculation about how ...
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For full disclosure I am currently long rice. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell any commodity rather just an explanation of my current thoughts about this particular market. I have been asked many times the past few weeks and wanted to update my perspective. The purpose of this comparison is to point out how much things can ...
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Interesting Longer-Term Trends Impacting the Dairy Industry… Think About Changes That Will Be Hitting Your Industry As Well!

The dairy sector has struggled with low milk prices and rapid consolidation in the industry that continues to force producers out of business. There has been even greater complications in the wake of COVID-19. Farm bankruptcies jumped by nearly +20% in 2019, and Wisconsin, a top dairy-producing state, had the most. I suspect the bankruptcy numbers will move even higher ...
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Paying Off… Pivoting to the Pea and Lentil Market

Thirty years ago Montana's open plains held nothing put pastureland and tens of thousands of acres of wheat. But there were a few guys who started looking at things differently and set our to find new markets. David Oien and three friends would start Timeless Seeds Inc., with just a few hundred acres, some volunteer help, and a mission to ...
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Report Highlights Critical Rural Transportation Infrastructure Needs

Rural infrastructure has been in need of major rehabilitation for years and there are real concerns that the coronavirus pandemic could make the situation even worse. The sharp drop-off in travel alone is expected to rip a hole in state and local transportation revenues, in turn likely adding even more projects to the backlog already waiting for much-needed repairs. A ...
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What You Need to Know… Significant Changes to the USDA’s Rules for GE Crops

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently finalized a major overhaul of biotech regulations that will exempt many genetic modifications from the lengthy regulatory approval process. This is the first significant change to the agency's rules for GE crops since it was put in place over thirty years ago. USDA claims the "Sustainable, Ecological, Consistent, Uniform, Responsible, Efficient" (SECURE) rule will ...
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PLEASE READ… Bringing NEW Innovation and Low-Cost Solutions to American Farm Families

Technological advancements are coming in huge waves and creating massive changes in agriculture. American farm families are being increasingly disrupted every day. I believe I have some insight and solutions that will not only make your farm more competitive today, but at the same time, help you build a better bridge to the future for your children and many generations ...
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What You Need to Know About The Upcoming Cicada Season

Cicadas are an annual "sound of summer" across many parts of the Midwest and East Coast but the chorus will be even louder than usual in some areas this year. Folks in Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia will see far more of the bugs this summer as Brood IX emerges from the ground after 17 long years. Science has ...
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