“The Van Trump Report”
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The Van Trump Report evolved out of more than 20-years of hard work, networking, and dedication to the ag industry. Today the report circulates in over 35 countries worldwide and is a daily read by some of the industries top executives, fund traders, money-managers, and political leaders.

“Ring of Fire” Podcast Series

I strongly believe in Rick Warren’s quote, “Irrelevance happens when the speed of change outside an organization is greater than speed of change inside an organization.” Because of that, each month I share my thoughts on the current market conditions, hoping to add some color to my daily written market commentary, keeping you aware of changes in the agricultural and financial landscapes. I will also be inviting some of my friends who are professional traders and investors to be guest on the podcast, so we can hear their current thoughts and perspective.

Cash Sale Signals

You will now be kept up to data in real-time with any NEW cash-sales that I make. You will also have access to our next set of price targets, the exact price of our previous sales, and the percentage of both old and new crop we still have unpriced. In other words, you now have complete transparency and access to all of our previous cash-sales and our next round of price objectives.


Access to various hedging concepts and insights that might help provide you with alternative ideas or ways to reduce your overall risk and price exposure. Please understand these are only generic type strategies. These are NOT specific recommendations for you as an individual investor, speculator or producer. I am simply trying to pass along ideas and strategies that others are using or have deemed to be in their best interest. “Neither I nor my staff are registered commodity brokers. In our previous careers we were licensed and registered. We believe it to be a conflict of interest and do not offer specific individual trading or hedging advise. We encourage you to work with a licensed individual broker of your own choice that best understands your risk tolerance and can execute your orders professional. Sorry, we do not recommend one firm over another.”

Cash Marketing Guide

This guide is designed to give you an inside look at how the game has changed. More importantly, you will want to use it as a starting point for designing and building your own successful grain marketing program. The “Cash Marketing Guide” has become a blue-print for many successful marketing programs. Many producers have been able to simplify their process and show much better results.

Kevin Van Trump’s
“From the Desk”

I’m constantly monitoring and watching the markets. When I see something urgent or a dynamic type shift in the trade, I try my best to alert all of our “Paid Members” at that very moment. You will now be included in those real-time e-mails, text and or audio podcasts.

with Jordan Van Trump

Jordan’s podcasts and millennial-focused FarmTank Friday offers thought-provoking information and insight obtained from innovative thinkers and influencers in the ag space to help develop a better process. Jordan’s goal is to make the complex simple while at the same time improving business and personal skills so you can live a better life!

Van Trump’s Business to
Business Network

Along my journey, I was blessed to meet some very influential and important players in the agricultural world including executives of large clearing firms, Presidents and CEOs of some of the world’s largest investment banks and commercial grain operations, political leaders, hedge fund managers, and floor traders, etc… With my newfound network of friends, plus the numerous clients who have come on board, I’ve been able to create a global network of resources who are available to assist our clients should circumstances dictate. If we don’t know the answer, we can get it for you!


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