Thank you for becoming a Van Trump Prime Member!

To ensure that you are receiving all of your Van Trump Prime benefits, we have a few helpful tips. Please add and to your e-mail address book. You can also simply send an original email to both of these addresses. This helps our emails build a relationship and lets yours know that our emails are safe. Remember to whitelist us as well. Whitelist both of our sending domains, and In addition, whitelist our dedicated IP address ( With our reports containing so much proprietary information, firewalls and IP security will sometimes flag the items, which make it harder for the reports to get to your inbox. We see this more with private email domains that have enhanced filters.

If you have questions or need help with any of this don’t hesitate to call our office at (816) 322-5300.

Be on the look out for Jordan Van Trump’s weekly millennial-focused FarmTank Friday. In addition, he also produces podcasts with industry leaders that offer thought-provoking information and insight obtained from innovative thinkers and influencers in the ag space to help develop a better process. Jordan’s goal is to make the complex simple while at the same time improving business and personal skills so you can live a better life!

Leverage your Van Trump PRIME Membership with AgSwag

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AgSwag is not trying to be the lowest cost supplier. We are trying to partner with “best-of-practice” and like-minded businesses to bring a better “return-on-investment” by designing and helping to implement a well thought out corporate swag strategy and campaign. There are hundreds of online companies that offer quick ways to throw a corporate logo on a cheap hat or t-shirt. AgSwag offers the best in selection, design, implementation, and service!

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Monthly “Mastermind of the Markets” Podcast

Van Trump Prime strongly believes in Rick Warren’s quote, “Irrelevance happens when the speed of change outside an organization is greater than speed of change inside an organization.” Because of that, each month Kevin Van Trump shares his thoughts on the current market conditions, hoping to add some color to his daily written market commentary, keeping you aware of changes in the agricultural and financial landscapes and ahead of the speed of change.

Real-Time Cash Sale Signals

You will now be kept up to data in real-time with any NEW cash-sales The Van Trump Team makes. You will also have access to our next set of price targets, the exact price of our previous sales, and the percentage of both old and new crop we still have unpriced. In other words, you now have complete transparency and access to all of our previous cash-sales and our next round of price objectives.

Kevin Van Trump’s “From the Desk”

Kevin is constantly monitoring and watching the markets. When he sees something urgent or a dynamic type shift in the trade, he tries his best to alert all of his “Paid Members” at that very moment the news is released.

Cash Marketing Guide

This guide is designed to give you an inside look at how the game has changed. More importantly, you will want to use it as a starting point for designing and building your own successful grain marketing program. The “Cash Marketing Guide” is attached in a .pdf file to this welcome letter. If you don’t receive the “Cash Marketing Guide” please let us know! This is an important piece for learning how to market your grain like a professional!