On investing and marketing advice:

Please understand I offer no individual investment or specific marketing advice. I am NO LONGER a registered “Series 7” or “Series 3” broker. That’s here not only because the lawyers insisted, but because its true. I simply do not have the time to work individually with clients or subscribers.

Please Keep This In Mind: I have no idea what your individual financial or farming goals may be. I am unfamiliar with what your risk tolerances are. I don’t know your personal income, age, savings, financial circumstances, dependents, net worth, production totals, input costs, what tax bracket you are in, etc…

While I am partners in several Agricultural operations and enterprises both here in the U.S. and in South America, what I report doing in my own portfolio’s or farm marketing programs might NOT be what’s right for you and your specific operation and or investment objectives.

Simply stated I write the report to help gather my own thoughts and pass along educational information and insights that I feel have helped allow me to make a more informed decision. I believe the information is from sources and sights believed to be reliable but I can make no guarantee.

I hope the information I provide and pass along can be of assistance to you and your family. Just make certain you realize it is far from perfect and should ONLY be used as a tool to help you extend your educational reach and thoughts surrounding agriculture.