During 2018, iSelect, The VanTrump Report and The Yield Lab Institute are sponsoring a series of weekly webinars featuring the best in agriculture innovation. Agrifood Conversations is all about driving innovation and each month will highlight a specific theme, from biologicals to vertical farms, featuring emerging topics such as soil health, biologics, plant genetics, vertical farming, precision agriculture, herd health and management, and aquaculture, to name a few. Once a quarter, we’ll open up the conversation with a panel of experts on that month’s topic. Learn about new trends in ag, connect with industry leaders and discover new solutions.

Join us each Thursday at 3pm CT for Agrifood Conversations.

Learn More About “AeroFarms”

Title: Scaling Indoor Farming With New Smart Technologies
Time: Thursday, April 12th @ 3:00 pm CT

Aerofarms is building and operating environmentally responsible indoor verticle farms throughout the world. Within their facilities, delicious, nutritious leafy greens and herbs are grown without sunlight or soil. By focusing on efficiency while scaling production, Aerofarms can produce yields that are 390 times higher per square foot annually as well as use 95% less water than field farmed crops. Using patented technology, Aerofarms is moving indoor vertical farming to new levels of precision and productivity, virtually eliminating environmental impact. Everyone will agree that the U.S. food system will look different in the future including the methods of production. By using existing spaces near population centers and distribution routes, Aerofarm is leading the charge to enable local farming at a commercial scale year-round. The bottom line is that Aerofarms has optimized their patented aeroponic growing system for faster harvest cycles, predictable results, superior food safety and less environmental impact. Be sure to attend the webinar to learn about the future of indoor and vertical farming.

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