Many are finding themselves in need for pasture and harvested forage due to various circumstances. Drought specific regions are certainly one reason individuals find themselves in need of the resources. On top of that, the high costs involved in raising cattle have forced many to look to leasing as an alternative. Unfortunately, many have been forced to sell livestock to overcome the challenge. Though not a first choice, as most would rather own their land, tough times call for tough measures. Pasture Scout has been around for a few years now and its service of matching available landowners with those in need has made the process very seamless and simple. Interestingly, Pasture Scout could be considered the Airbnb for grazing animals. As a landowner, consider the time savings as you no longer need to advertise in local newspapers or by word of mouth, which simply cannot expose you to all eligible lessees or buyers, decreasing your opportunity to get the optimum price and leasing arrangement. When you are in need of the space or forage, you have instant access to areas outside of your comfort or contact zone. Keep in mind, the service is now free for both searching and listing. To access any of the free services, you do have to become a member though, which takes about one minute to complete. In my opinion, the auction portion of the site will get you the most for your land or forage as a true market price is usually realized. For only a $100 minimum, owners can list their property with an added cost of $.10/acre over 1000 acres. As a bidder on land you will be required to pay $25 per auction, but have unlimited bids available. For those wishing to do a straight lease, the site has free templates for customization of your deal, assuring you can set it up any way you desire. And if you need to communicate with the other side of the transaction you can privately message your counterpart. It’s worth noting that Pasture Scout has provided many producers the ability to continue to function as they waited for their land to recover or prices come down. This is another example of technology filling a need while saving time and money. If you find yourself in need of pasture or forage, give Pasture Scout a look HERE.

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