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Title: Bringing the Power of Drone Imaging to the Agriculture Market 
ime: Thursday, March 15 @ 3:00 pm CT

Getting the big picture view of an entire farm or ag facility takes more than planning, it takes real-time field intelligence that can be hard to monitor over hundreds of planted acres. But drones can solve this problem, hovering thousands of feet over a field and allowing growers to spot crop stress, optimize field inputs and manage their entire operations, all without leaving the house.

Skycision’s drone-based service allows the farmer to customize the type of drone that they need for their facilities as well as the type of imagery to capture. The company’s pilots handle all of the in-flight operations, allowing the farmer to effectively “set it and forget it” right from the company’s app. Once the flight is complete, Skycision delivers deep imagery-based insights on the captured data, showing the strengths and weaknesses in the farmer’s fields from a birds eye view.

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