During 2018, iSelect, The VanTrump Report and The Yield Lab Institute are sponsoring a series of weekly webinars featuring the best in agriculture innovation. Agrifood Conversations is all about driving innovation and each month will highlight a specific theme, from biologicals to vertical farms, featuring emerging topics such as soil health, biologics, plant genetics, vertical farming, precision agriculture, herd health and management, and aquaculture, to name a few. Once a quarter, we’ll open up the conversation with a panel of experts on that month’s topic. Learn about new trends in ag, connect with industry leaders and discover new solutions.

Join us each Thursday at 3pm CT for Agrifood Conversations.

Learn More About “Agrible”

Title: Bringing Real-Time Data and Insights to Sustainable Agriculture from Farm to Table
Time: Thursday, February 22 @ 3:00 pm CT

Agronomy is the combination of sciences include biology, chemistry, economics, ecology, earth science and genetics in service of growing plants for food, fuel, and other uses. It is also the most efficient and profitable approach to growing sustainable crops on the farm.

Agrible is working to assure that the global food supply is sustainably sourced by connecting growers with industry partners, optimizing the opportunity for the grower, and bringing value to the ingredients supply chain. It integrates the latest sustainability metrics, predictive analytics and real-time agronomy into products and service recommendations and early alert systems for nutrient and disease management helps in this larger commitment to ensure the global sustainability of agriculture.

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