• “I have followed many advisory services, most are not worth the space they take up!! They seem to get caught up in their own bias and can’t see the forest for the trees. Kevin Van Trump is the EXCEPTION, his recommendations are concise and give you the information you need to make effective marketing decisions. He is on top of all events that affect agriculture–if you have tried the rest–you owe it to yourself to go with the best–Kevin Van Trump!” – E.W., State Center, IA

    Edward W.


  • “The best 10 minutes you will spend every day is reading The Van Trump Report.” – M.A., Milford, IL

    Matthew A.


  • “While not a farmer, but as a old BOT member and grain trader for over 35 years, your letter is very informative and is very complete in covering the news of the day..” – D.E., Portland, OR

    David E.


  • “Kevin’s approach is fundamental, technical, and aggressive towards profit taking. Farmers need to get on board – he’s not just trading to make money, but to help U.S, agriculture survive…” – C.T., Pepin, WI

    Chad T.


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